Looking for ways to supplement the cost of your attendance at WiReS? Volunteer with us and we will reimburse you a portion of your registration fee! 

We have a several volunteer opportunities for you to choose from ranging from being a Session Assistant to a Registration Assistant.

We are in need of volunteer support from Tuesday - Friday. Please review the list of roles below:
  1. Registration Assistant
  2. Breakout Session Assistant
  3. Program Summary Writers

For each shift you volunteer for, you will be reimbursed $50 of your registration fee!  Volunteer for two shifts? Get $100 back! No cash back for volunteering, only reimbursement of registration fees. 

Benefits of Volunteering:

  • As a Breakout Session Assistant you would have the opportunity to interact directly with the session chair and presenters! If you are already planning on attending a specific session, this would be an easy way to volunteer your time while listening to your chosen topic.
  • Meet all the attendees name by name as a Registration Assistant! If you have some down time you can chose to volunteer at the registration desk and meet all the attendees as they arrive.
  • Earn $$ back on your registration

Tuesday Volunteer Opportunities: volunteersignup.org/E993T

Wednesday Volunteer Opportunities: volunteersignup.org/TKRHW

Thursday Volunteer Opportunities: volunteersignup.org/DRETR

Friday Volunteer Opportunities: volunteersignup.org/3YYXF