Conference Proceedings

Following our inaugural WiReS event, we are collecting submissions for papers to publish and share with the public in connection with the WiReS Conference. Papers do not need to have been presented at WiReS to be submitted. Any person(s) or organization working on wildfire mitigation and/or wildfire resilience in the built environment is eligible to submit a paper for consideration. All submissions are welcome as long as they relate to the core conference topics:

  • Exposure Assessment and mitigation
  • Design of new buildings
  • Retrofit of existing buildings
  • Defensible space development and maintenance
  • Code and policy development
  • Community Recovery
  • Land Use Planning
Conference Proceedings Editors: Dr. Michele Barbato and Dr. Carlos Martin

Information on the Call for Papers

Papers should focus on the science and/or science policy related to the conference mission of improving the built environment and increasing the resilience of buildings to wildfires.

Papers will undergo a peer-review process and evaluation. There is no cost to publishing a paper through this conference and they will be open access for readers on our website after they have been published.

All submissions must be received by the deadline of June 28, 2023 May 31, 2023.
Authors will be advised of acceptance status by September 6, 2023
The final version of the full paper, ready for publication, is due on October 11. 2023.

  • Authors must use the provided template to format their paper according to the guidelines set fourth.
  • Papers must be 6 - 8 pages in length; no shorter than 6 pages and no longer than 8 pages.
  • Papers must be submitted in PDF format through the online submission form.

Download the Template

Submit Your Paper Here

Dates to Note

Call for Papers Submission Form Opens March 27, 2023
Deadline to Submit a Paper May 31, 2023
Authors Notified of Acceptance September 6, 2023
Final Draft of Paper Due October 11, 2023

All submissions must be received before the deadline of May 31, 2023 in order to be considered. 

Authors are expected to submit the final version of their paper, ready for publication, no later than October 11, 2023

Additional Guidelines Information

We are highlighting conference proceedings and additional research on the science and/or science policy related to the conference mission of improving the built environment and increasing the resilience of buildings to wildfire. Examples of papers that we are seeking include (but are not limited to) the following themes:

Land Use Planning
Community planning
Urban growth planning
Relocation planning - managed retreats
Fire protection planning - resilience nodes

Design of new buildings
Construction materials
Fire-resistant design
Ignition-resistant design
Building standards for new constructions

Retrofit of existing buildings
Ignition and fire spread mechanisms
Survivability of homes
Retrofitting and home hardening
Building standards for existing constructions
Retrofit Incentives

Defensible space development and maintenance
Effectiveness of defensible space
Appropriate vegetation for defensible space
Maintenance of defensible space
Firefighter access requirements

Code and policy development
Building code provisions
Development of mitigation standards
Re-evaluating and advancing building standards
Policy recommendations
Pre-fire grant programs
Sustainable Markets & Economies
Equity issues

Community Recovery
Infrastructure exposure and functionality

Exposure Assessment and mitigation
Geospatial analysis
Fire hazard assessment
Fire vulnerability assessment
Fire risk assessment
Mitigation approaches at the community and individual home levels